Then we can finally lift the veil for the full line-up for this year’s Copenhagen Songwriters Festival which will be held from 29.08-03.09.


The Official Festival program on Thursday – Saturday offers the following names:


Sara Futtrup, Mikkel Tiedt – musiker, Love Your Way (PL/N/DK), Echo Me, Annika Fehling Trio (S), Where Seas Collide (NL/DK), Martin Tomlinson (UK), Havilah Rand (US), Richard Farrell Music (IR), Mirja Klippel (Fin/DK), Carla D’Amore (US) Select Captain, Mayiia(DE), Ise, Julie Ellinor, Mia Marion, Black Dog Howl, The Telenovelas, Zacharias William Celinder (DK/S), Juliah (S), Eli Gauden (N), R.NOOR, Rasmus Nelausen, Tobias Aure @Aggerbæk/Hansen & Fite Trio (DK/US), Freja Møller Kristiansen, Petrus Nordh (S), Karoline Ude, Maria Jensen – Music, SnowLark, Martin Buster, Manus Jabs, Ditte Rejnholdt & René Kowalczyk, HANS ANDRIAS (FO), Kat Steih (US), Bright Blue Gorilla (US), Chrissi Poland (US), The Nordic Summit: Aviaja Lumholt, Mads Benjamin Lumholt, Jonas O. Lynge (GL)


On Opening Days 29.08 and 30.08 you may experience the following names:


Anelogi, Jeffery Straker (IRL), Stories From Gem (s), Anders Blichfeldt, Bernhard Thee (a), Andy Fite (US), Tobias Trier


On Tuesday 29.08, there are also a group of young songwriters; follow us on the facebook page with the updates for the festival.