Kira Martini Plays Song Swap Set With Kirbanu (AU) 17:40 Sunday, August 17 Beboerhus Listening Room Stage


Kira Martini/ Brief Bio::

“More Things Unite Us” was the title of Kira Martini’s debut album from 2012, and her great life-philosophy, also music-wise. The songs from the album was written while she lived and played in Brazil in 2010 & 2011, and on a tour through 11 countries in Europe, busking and surfing.

Now she settled in Copenhagen, where she works as a Jazz-singer, well-know in the Copenhagen jazz&blues-scenes around town. She just released her jazz-debut MARTINI*S with her 7-heads-tall orchestra, but that’s a whole other story 😀 She joins the Copenhagen Songwriter Festival, solo with her guitar, to tell you tales from her travels and head-scape.

Quotations from reviews of “More Things Unite Us”:

“It’s the fervor and authentic expression, that is the unifying for this album, and for the artist, Kira Martini, who definitely has talent.”

(Jacob Hassing, Jazzspecial, 2012)

“Kira Martini & Co. is ready to impress Denmark with their debut album. The music is blossoming. The album is full of warm vibrations, and is versatile and acoustic. The lyrics are like a living book, that opens and spreads her stories. Kira’s vocal is very present, and relaxing. It’s music with attitude, and a love for life, and we like that!” ( ***** Xq28, Christian A)

“Kira Martini’s debut signals an artist and a person with a compassionate and openminded vision about life and music, build on both curiosity and openness…..

The first song, “Behave”, brings references in it’s expression to Norah Jones’ mellow style on her first album “Come Away With Me”. Martini is an excellent vocalist, with an original sound, good intonation and a good sense of nuancing her

phrasings…….You really get to know Kira Martini through her music. This makes this album very recommendable.” (****, Jazz-stars, Martin Lutz)