‘Vibrant, fascinating singer-songwriter festival in Copenhagen’ 4 Stars GAFFA.dk


In the past weekend races Copenhagen Songwriters Festival was held for the fourth year in a row. And with more interesting names on the bill – without, however, were some that were particularly dominant. Most notable was perhaps Tobias Trier (pictured) from Denmark and Tori Sparks from the United States. The festival, which has been created by the resident American musician Brett Perkins, in cooperation with the Cultural Vesterbro (now Cultural Institution), presents both foreign and Danish, known and new songwriters – three scenes in Vesterbro Råhuset – and focuses in all cases on songwriting as craft and art form. The festival was attempting to focus attention on the wide-ranging singer-songwriter scene in Denmark. And precisely the focus – combined with the organizational spartan set-up – makes it very interesting. The festival presents the completely unpretentious show a number of interesting, primarily under the radar talents who have something at stake and therefore performs! It is what makes the festival so vibrant and fascinating. The undersigned arrived at the festival’s first day, and heard such Sulahue Armengol Sloth, Mette Kierkegaard and Club Phusion. And surely signaled these names clearly a form of amateurism or in the best case, semi-professionalism, but they performed with an authenticity and singing and joy of playing that infected. The singer Sulahue Armengol Sloth opened the festival’s main stage at Uncle Danny’s Square with obvious talent, unspoiled joy and quartet behind her. And she was followed on stage by a more established, deftly performing, but in Denmark yet undiscovered talent, Mette Kierkegaard, who appeared as a soloist. Kierkegaard shone especially with her by far most melodious number Dry Wood, which – had she been in America – would have been enough to have opened all sorts of venues for her. On Råhusets first floor played Club Phusion on a small makeshift stage. And even the trio fascinated. All the opening acts were characterized by the desire and the will to perform. And that made all other acts who signed in the next few days passed. Thumbs up to the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival!