Kurdish Artist Mizgin Confirmed For 2012 Festival!


Mizgin was born in the mountains of Kurdistan.

At the age of 2, she contracted polio. She was forced to stay home and did not learn to read and write until the age of 18.

As she grew up, the beautiful nature of Kurdistan and the music of the Kurds were her major sources of inspiration, and music became her way of expression.

In her early twenties she realized that the future prospects of living in a mountain village was not for her. She moved to Istanbul and soon after on to Denmark, where she quickly established musical and social contacts.

Her personal courage, curiosity and openness has led her to break boundaries and accept new challenges. As a consequence, her orchestra today is a line up of 4 nations.

Mizgin is most often accompanied by Anders Honoré (DK) on saxophone and Assadullah Hafiz  (AFG) on tabla.

Mizgin has received prizes and grants from Danish Art Council, Danish Refugee Council, and was nominated for Best World Track in the Danish Music Awards 2010.